World Alzheimer`s Day Conference 2015 in Ghana.


4th World Alzheimer`s Day Conference in Ghana and the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Association of Ghana.
Alzheimer`s Ghana celebrated 4th World Alzheimer`s Day in Accra, Ghana and also used the same occasion to mark its 3rd Anniversary Celebration. Over 100 people were present including persons suffering from dementia and their families, Doctors, Nurses, researchers, clinicians, Government Officials, representatives from our partner NGOs e.g. WHO, Basic Needs Ghana, UNFPA and the Australian High Commission in Ghana, staff and volunteers of Alzheimer and Related Disorders of Ghana.
The theme of the Conference is “REMEMDER ME” which touched on encouraging people all around the world to learn to spot the signs of dementia, but also not to forget about loved ones who are living with dementia, or those who may have passed away.

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