Activities & Services

Activities & Services

As a result of the dedicated work of ARDAG’S team of volunteers, the organization has been able to come out with the following activities:


Awareness is the major key to break the silence and stigma surrounding Dementia. In view of these, ARDAG has started intensive awareness campaign programmes with the general public as a target including the government and policy makers by using strategies such as:

– The mass media: radio and television, the news print, internet, the social media and our official website.

– As one of our awareness campaign strategies, we are in collaboration with the Theatre Department of the University College of Winneba staging a play in two (2) major local dialects on dementia in the communities.

– We also collaborate with District Assemblies and local Chiefs to give public talks on dementia in the various communities.

– We are using Churches as platform for awareness campaign.

– 24hour helpline is being operated to provide information, support and translation services to the general public.



We provide educational programmes on topics such as home care, patient management and caregivers’ well-being. We conduct regular home visits to our clients to offer care and support services.



ARDAG provides guidance in legal matters to people with dementia and families, intervenes in cases of abuse, stigmatisation and label.


We organize training programmes and workshops for volunteers, professionals, educational institutions and also offer information and advice on a wide range of dementia related subjects.

Other Services include:

  • Family education- helping family members learn more about the illness and how to cope
  • Drop-in services
  • One-to-one support to help people with dementia and their families cope with the illness.



September Programme Outline Click here to Download Pdf